2nd February 2012 - We're Still Kicking!

We hope everyone has had a fantastic Christmas and New Year! Sorry for the lack of updates - we've been too busy beavering away at Lou Scannon #3, and preparing an overhaul of the site ready for unveiling later in February!

By the way, Lou Scannon has been Eagle award nominated, as have Dan Harris for best penciller, and Kris Carter for best colourist, so your votes would be mucho appreciated!

Back to Lou, issues 1 & 2 are still available, and we now have Gavin Mitchell's stunning variant cover for issue 2 in stock. Gavin is also providing the cover for issue 3! Speaking of issue 3, this little flashback tale is about two weeks from completion, and we're hoping to debut this issue at the Cardiff Comic Con at the end of February! Keep 'em peeled!

Another update (and a revamped site!)soon!

The Lou Scannon Creative Crew

21st November 2011 - Issue 2 NOW ON SALE!

Fresh back from the Thought Bubble Sequential Art Festival in Leeds, and the successful launch of Lou Scannon issue 2! With a quarter of the stock already sold, don't wait too long to order this cracking story!Feedback so far has been very positive, so we must be doing something right, cos we can't afford to bribe anyone...

The Gavin Evans variant cover for Issue 1 is still available if you missed it first time around, and both are available from the Issues section! Issue 1 (and soon, issue 2) is still available at Orbital Comics in London (and soon at Forbidden Planet, Cardiff)

More updates shortly - including some news on issue 3!!

The Lou Scannon Creative Crew

31st October 2011 - Issue 2 Goes To Press, New Issue 1's In Stock!

Hey you Lounatics! Issue 2 is now at the printers, and we're expecting stock back to send out to people who've pre-ordered in about two weeks! The issue itself will then be on sale for 3 at the Thought Bubble Sequential Art Festival in Leeds, on Nov 19th & 20th. It can also be purchased from the Issues section of the site here, and at Orbital Comics in London. We're hoping to have some news for you very soon on more stockists!

The Gavin Evans variant cover for Issue 1 is now IN STOCK, and also available from the Issues section - this will also be available at Thought Bubble. It's a cracking cover!

More updates very soon mateys!

The Lou Scannon Creative Crew

18th October 2011 - An Update on the Update!

Hey you! Remember last update when we mentioned a variant cover for the second print run of issue #1? You do? Great! Because that's it just to the left of this copy! Drawn by Treforest tattoo artist (and friend of the Lou Scannon Creative Crew) Gavin Evans, it's a groovy little blue change of pace from the very red first cover by Dan Harris! You can pick this new version of the cover up from this site, or from our stand at the Thought Bubble Sequential Art Festival in Leeds, on Nov 19th & 20th.

If you really desperately need the first cover, you'd better move fast. We've only got about 2 or 3 left, and then they're gone for the foreseeable...

Issue 2 is edging ever closer toward completion - we'll be sending it to print within the next fortnight (or thereabouts), and that will be debuting at Thought Bubble as well! Obviously it will also be available here, and from Orbital Comics in London - and hopefully a few other places, if all goes to plan...

Oh, and if you want to get a letter in to issue 2, time is fast running out! Submit some drivel to us today and win a prize! The submit box is in the Extras section. Go! Go!

The Lou Scannon Creative Crew

3rd October 2011 - Latest Update!

Let's recap the issue #1 news first of all - Lou Scannon is now available at Orbital Comics in Leicester Square in London! Their site is here, feel free to pop in to this awesome shop and pick up a copy!

As far as the rest of the issue #1 news is concerned, we're down to under ten copies left for sale of the initial print run. By the time the Thought Bubble Sequential Art Festival convention in Leeds rolls around, we'll have a second print run of #1 up for sale, but it will have a variant cover - so if you like the look of Dan's fetching Vic-wolf on a bright red background, you'd better act fast... cos it'll be gone soon...

As for issue #2 - it's over halfway done, and on track to go on sale at the ass-end of November - it'll be launched at the Thought Bubble Sequential Art Festival on Nov 19th (along with the second run of issue #1, and probably a few other goodies!). Be there or be a geometric shape! This also means you've got a few weeks left to submit a letter to Lou for inclusion in this issue - do that by using the form in the Extra's section up there. The best letter we get will get a sketch and a free copy of the comic, so it'a almost worth entering a letter! Go on... you know you want to! More soon!

The Lou Scannon Creative Crew

2nd August 2011 - Monthly Update!

Issue #1 of Lou Scannon has been on sale now for just over a month, and over half the first print run is sold! Thanks to everyone who's bought a copy so far, we really hope you enjoyed it! One reader in particular certainly did - Trystan Mitchell (who's site can be found here) has worked up some excellent fan art of Lou, which you can see in it's glory to the left. We're planning to include this in print at some point too - thanks again Trystan! The comic also had some nice press courtesy of Down The Tubes comics blog, always nice to get a plug!

In other news, Lou Scannon #1 will be on sale at Auto Assembly 2011 in Birmingham this month, on the 13th & 14th of August! Kris will also be selling Transformers prints and sketches, and signing stuff too, if that floats yer boat. A few months later, half or more of the Scannon Creative Crew will be flogging the remaining copies of issue #1 at the Thought Bubble Sequential Art Festival in Leeds. More details on that closer to time, and we'll have some other goodies lined up before that too, including some sneak peeks of issue 2 and some other odds and sods. Stay tuned people....

The Lou Scannon Creative Crew

1st July 2011 - Issue #1 Ships Out!

Yesterday evening was the big moment, as Dan and myself cracked open the box of the first print-run of Lou Scannon issue #1! Felt like we've been working towards this for bleedin' ages... But yes, we finally have all the copies in hand, and they're being posted to people today!

The Lou Scannon Creative Crew

30th June 2011 - Issue #2 Teaser Art Revealed!

Just as issue #1 of Lou Scannon is being sent out to our wonderful readers, so work begins on issue #2! It's still a while away of course (we're aiming for a November/December release), but we can still tease you with a little bit of Dan's pretty pencils and Kris' slap-happy shading. No inks yet, as we're working a tiny bit out of order and this is all 'work in progress' stuff, but issue #2 will be a visual step up from #1 regardless!

The Lou Scannon Creative Crew

21st June 2011 - Proof Copy Of #1 In-Hand!

The final proof of issue #1 has been received from UKomics, the printers we're using for the comic. It's all coming together now, and we'll have copies of issue #1 ready to send out within the first two weeks of July! You can order a copy via the Issues page here on the site, or you can pick up a copy in person at one of our upcoming convention appearances (more details of exactly when & where soon!). We're also going to try and get some copies available to punters at comic stores in Cardiff and Bristol - again, more news on that soon!

Jim, Dan and myself have already written issue #2, and Dan is working on the pencils for the interiors right at this very moment if he know's what's good for 'im. The inking should be all digital from the second issue onwards, ably provided by Johnny Luu, so the artwork should be a step up from my hasty scribblings!

The Lou Scannon Creative Crew

20th June 2011 - Website Launched, In A Non-Rocket Type Fashion!

Welcome to the new website for 'Lou Scannon', a new independant comedy/sci-fi/adventure comic! Issue #1 is just about to go to press, and will be on sale here and in lots of other places in July 2011. Please look over the site and get a feel for the project, and we hope you'll come along with us and enjoy the ride!

Please check back often for the latest news and artwork updates!


The Lou Scannon Creative Crew