Dan Harris

Dan created the ‘Lou Scannon’ universe as part of his BA (Hons) Animation degree from Glamorgan University.

In addition to being a talented writer & illustrator, Dan is also a tattoo artist and co-runs the “Distinctive Tattoo” studio based in Trefforest, South Wales. His published comic book work includes contributing artwork and colours to the “10thology” graphic novel published for the Cardiff Comic Con 2011.

After several years of good natured prodding, Dan is the co-writer and penciller for ‘Lou Scannon’ ongoing from issue #2.

Kris Carter

Kris has previously worked in newspaper pre-press and graphic design before tackling digital comic book colouring professionally.

A big fan of Dan’s ‘Lou Scannon’ universe, he badgered Dan to make a comic of it for years, until he decided to light a fire under Dan’s arse by writing and drawing the bulk of issue #1 himself. It worked.

Kris’ published comic book colouring work includes numerous Transformers and Doctor Who titles, Torchwood, TMNT and Wynonna Earp.

Kris is the co-writer, colourist and letterer for ‘Lou Scannon’, and he's also the poor sucker who has to layout and assemble the comic in InDesign.

Jim Bampfield

Jim graduated from Glamorgan University with a BA(Hons) in Animation alongside Dan. Jim has also been a part of the ‘Lou Scannon’ universe from its inception, assisting Dan in the original animation project, lending his voice to the MAL Function character, and singing off-key for the theme music.

A talented writer, illustrator and voice-over artist, Jim has been involved in several animation and short film projects. He's also a whizzkid in the cut-throat world of vehicle finance.

Jim is the co-writer and back-up strip artist for ‘Lou Scannon’ ongoing from issue #2.